Course details

【Year End Party Luxury BBQ course】 \ 7560 (tax included) ★ Drinking 90 min ★ 3 Special Wagyu Cattle ★ Upper Tongue ★ Meat Sushi ★ Dessert ★

By using a coupon7560 yen

Tax excluding price 7000 yen / use time of the seat 120 minutes (extension is negotiable)

  • 12items
  • 4-30persons
  • All-you-can-drink available
    Please cooperate with the glass replacement

● 120 minutes of use of the seat (extension is negotiable) ● Special site of Japanese beef produced in Miyazaki beef and Kagoshima prefecture, which produces Wagyu receiving the highest prize at Wagyu Bee Grand Prix (National Wagyu Beef Capability Association) We also offer excellent dish of sushi with grilled tops using its superb section ● Tops that can be taken from one cow slice only a few rare parts of beef tongue ● Hungry syrup that can not be removed by grilled meat ● Hokkaido Scallops with scallops and scallops etc.

Course menu

★ Sleeping time of 120 minutes (extension is negotiable)

【Course example】

★ Taroyaki Yakiniku

● Upper tongue salt

● Special Assorted Kuroge Wagyu beef soup assortment ... We offer special items of the day that day.

● 3 varieties of domestic pasta assortment ... chicken peach

... chickens

... Chicken Pork

● Hormone prime ... hormone



... Leva etc.

※ If you are not good at hormones will change to Harami in table units.

● Grilled scallops with Hokkaido scallops butter butter

● Assorted grilled vegetables


● Assorted Kimchi ... Chinese cabbage Kimchi

…cucumber Kimchi


● Namul Assortment ... Bean Sprouts Namul etc

● Today's salad

● One article of the day

● Kuroge Wagyu Beef Pecan Broiled Meat Sushi

● Dessert ... Today's dessert

★ All you can drink 90 minutes

◆ It may be changed to the same item without prior notice due to purchase circumstances etc.

◆ Unlimited drinks ⇒ \ 6480 (tax included)

◆ All-you-can-drink extension 30 minutes extension ⇒ + \ 540 (tax included)

* It may not be possible to extend due to negotiation, due to reservation convenience

◆ All you can drink 【Asahi Super Dry】 change ⇒ + \ 540 (tax included)

※ This applies to all group members

All-you-can-drink menu

· 【Clear Asahi raw】 Jockey / pitcher (NG at last order) / non alcoholic beer
· 【Chu Hai】
· Lemon / lime / pomegranate / grapefruit / calpis / apple cider vinegar / honey black vinegar
· [Shochu · Japanese sake]
· Mushima Shochu 【Nikaido】 · potato shochu 【Satsuma wood grind】 Rock / water split / hot water split · Japanese sake 【Kihei book brewing】 (heat · cold)
· [Gin] Gin Tonic · 【Vodka】 Mosccommool / Screwdriver 【Cassis】 Cassis Soda / Cassis Oolong 【Peach】 Reggae Punch 【Lychee】 Lychee Tonic etc.
· 【Fruit wine high ball】
· 【Plum wine】 Rock / Soda 【Makgeol】 Smoldering Macquarie / Soul Makgeolli (Foaming) 【High Ball】 Horn Angle / Collar etc
· Non alcoholic cocktail nonalc. Cassis soda / nonalc. Cassis orange / shirley temple / tea soda
· [Drink fruit vinegar] apple cider vinegar soda / apple vinegar tea / honey black vinegar soda / honey black vinegared tea
·【Soft drink】
· Cola / Gingeraire / Orange juice / Oolong tea / Tomato juice / Calpis etc.
Reservation deadline
Up to 18 o'clock yesterday on the day before the desired store visit
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

2018/12/06 update